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Is your cell phone works as #spy! Letstalk

The topic that is your cell phone works as spy! Is different to each individual. In a easiest way it can be defined as a device to monitor a particular place or a person constantly. It depends on the people that how they use their cell phone. Now a days there are so many of technology to track others activities over the time. There are two or three or even more cell phones like Android Samsung Blackberry are present which can easily work as spy. With this technology one can easily track every message or any kind of notes in text format along with date and time which has been deleted from a target phone. In a restricted area where camera is not allowed to take pictures people can easily take pictures by their cell phones. 

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How to make your website less susceptible to Changes in Search Engine Algorithm

What sense does it make to write something that no one would read about? It makes absolutely no sense to do so. So everyone who has a website would really like it if it their sites would rank first on Google! But we all know that the top spot is something all other website owners desire. Is there anything that you could do so that you continually improve on your ranking each time there is a shakeup at Google search rankings? 

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