January 2011 ~ Computer Hacks ~

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Free SMS services from Computer to cell phone .

Are you still paying for sms ? but  why ?
here are some list of free sms services providers web sites :

spicesms.com/sendsms.php  (anonymous )
and the last
smstau.com/ (anonymous )
sooooooooo enjoy..... and stay connected !

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Samsung galaxy tab review.

today i will tell you about the latest tablet pc.
"samsung galaxy tab"
it runs on google android 2.2 ver.
but first,
what is tablet pc ?
so tablet pc is looks like a mini laptop.
but it can't run heavy os like windows 7 , xp , linux etc
it runs on android which is a mobile based os
a tablet pc is a wireless, portable personal computer with a touch screen
interface. the tablet form factor is typically smaller than a notebook computer but larger than a smart phone.
the idea of tablet computing is generally credited to alan kay of xerox,
who sketched out the idea in 1971. the first widely-sold tablet computer was apple comptuer's newton, which was not a commercial success.technological advances in battery life, display resolution , handwriting recognition software , larger memory , and wireless internet access have since made tablets a viable computing option.
it's cool tablet pc. here are some snaps of it :

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How to download youtube video on xp !

hello guys ! ,
how are you ? , hope Aal is well ! :)
after a article about how to download you tube video on ubuntu os .
i realize that there are most of user using windows xp os not Linux so that's why i'm writing this article .
so first , same as ubuntu os i tried to copy and past a flash file from temporary folder but i couldn't copy that file on windows so i started research on this and i found this amazing software.

just download this software and than go to your flash video which you wonted to download.
in xp do the same task as ubuntu . leave the video till the end . and open that software and simply
find that video and save into your hard drive .
thank you
and plz don't forget  suggest this page with your friends if you like my articles you can join a fan club on facebook of computer tips & tricks .and give us your feedback . have a nice day. see you soon. and yaah , if you have any suggestion for next article you can post comment on facebook so see you soon...... 

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how to stream live tv on 2g mobile ?

hi,today i'm gonna to show you how to stream
live tv on 2g mobile phone .
so first if you wanted to stream live tv on mob. you have to first subscribe a good speed mobile internet.i tested this on airtel,aircel,idea,docomo and vodafone not tested in any other network .
i have lots of links. so some of the links i'll share with you. after this post most of will ask me that why is this not working on my mob. so ... the major problem is mobile media player is not supported stream protocol . when i was having nokia 6600 it was  working !. (the biggest dumb phone )! . )
but first you have to configure streaming setting .
okay so now open this mobile sites on your mob.

1. gsbwap.wapka.mobi/site_29.xhtml


3 m.zengatv.com



Aaj Tak







Working Live TV links But I Dont Know The Channels name





















so enjoy....

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How to chat on java mobile ?

hi,,,, today i will write about how to chat on mobile like instant messenger !
everyone may know about yahoo messenger so.... while i was on 11th i started to find ways of chat on mobile
after some hard working of this funny project i got some mobile applications.
by using this applications you can send or receive files and photographs , you can send buzz etc. on the mob.
you can live chat on face book
here are two best application according to mine.
you may love that application
if you wanted to use this application you have to first install this application on mob. and register on this site . it's very simple after doing this job, now you have to sing in to your social networking web site or any other account means to say you have to link other account to this ebuddy account . i love this application ! here are some screen shots :


2. Nimbuzz :
Now this app. is also an  interesting  app because you may now that yahoo messenger has many room chat
like Gujarat global chat, India global chat , Australia global chat etc...
as same as nimbuzz is having privet and global chat rooms .
as same as ebuddy you can also chat with facebook friends on nimbuzz and if two friends has a nimbuzz account you can call each other ! for free ! but limited minutes . here are some snaps of it :


3. Migg33 :
 this app is also good . in migg33 you can not just call migg33 member but you can call also out side friends in this case migg33 server calls you and connects to your requested mobile number !   
mig33 is the largest global community that brings you the power of the internet right to your mobile phone.Chat with millions of mig33 users .Keep friends in the loop with new status updates.Make cheap calls to any phone, anywhere, anytime!.SMS friends instantly with a cheap flat-rate.Personalize with cool themes, wallpapers and ringtones.Express yourself with tons of different emoticon packs.Share photos directly with all your friends and save them online.Free credits for inviting friends to join. here are some snaps of it :


4. Skype:
yaah..... skype we all now about it . it's a free voip site which is providing totally free call to skype 2 skype and providing very cheap price call to mobile number's  it also providing video call.
this software has a little limitation on java based mobile . after installing this app. you can directly call mobile to pc ! skype to skype call ! chat is working most of nokia mobile so enjoy this all apps... here are some snaps of it :

so thanks for reading my article,... if you like my posts suggests to you friends . or became a fan of computer tips & tricks on face book !    

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Top 3 mobile web browser .

sorry guys .... ,
i was in trip :(
so couldn't publish some posts,
while i was travailing i thought which mobile browser is the best ?
so according to mine..
i have made some list of mobile browsers.
so here we go the all are based on java .
for the first browser is:
1. Bolt Browser :

this browser is one of the greatest browser !
but why ? coz it having a inbuilt video player which can stream online video !
plus it's having image quality option you can decrease the quality of images ,
it has also ad-one like weather,temperature etc.
and the greatest thing of this browser is it display page like a computer web browser you can fill up form of yahoo ! so that's are it's features !
and it's totally free !
get it

now second one is :

2. Opera mini :
it's popularity is for speed !
but why this browser is fast ?
because.... whenever we enter any address it's request transfer from it's server !
it's server transfer requested page on your mobile with zipped pages !
so... minimum data charges will use and maximum speed you will get !
this browser is inbuilt in nokia phone but don't use that use opera mini 5.1

get it
3. Uc-browser :
Ucbrowser is also a faster browser it displays web site as a mobile site !
This web browser is available for a number of platforms, including Java,iO S & Android.It works on both low memory mobiles and high memory mobiles !
here are some screen shots :

get it !

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Dancing Browser !!!!

Did you know that java script what can do ?
it's an awesome language !!
so get on to the topic today i will tell you about a trick of a java script.
most of the java scripts are used in hacking !
but i have a cool script that can move your browser without your permission !
means your browser will dance !
but javascript must be on on your web browser.
copy this simple script and past it to your browser's url means where you type any webaddress and see the magic


or try this :

javascript:function Shw(n) {if (self.moveBy) {for (i = 35; i > 0; i--) {for (j = n; j > 0; j--) {self.moveBy(1,i);self.moveBy(i,0);self.moveBy(0,-i);self.moveBy(-i,0); } } }} Shw(6)

i know, that you can't copy this so download this txt file 1KB  :
thank you !

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how to download youtube video in ubuntu ?

hello friends....,
did you know  that you can easily download any flash file video in ubuntu !
it's just like copy and past !,
so first go to your youtube video or any other flash file video you wanted to save.
leave the video until the video is totally buffered. when buffer is full of video just go you places and click on computer . than the file explorer will open. 
than go to "go" menu from menu bar of the top and select location or you can use short cut key ctrl+l than address bar will display on the window. than type this magical word : /tmp 
  it will display temporary files while watching video the video file is temporary save in this folder so we have to just find that flash video file and we have to past it's copy on our d,e,f or any partition of any hard drive . so.... 
thank you....   

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What is google chrome os ?

This os is totally different !
watch the video....... :

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How to protect your pen drive !

Hello friends...,
happy new year !
this is my first post of  2011 !!!
so......  today i will give you some info about a software..
yes, you can protect your pen drive by giving a password on your pen drive to protect data from hacker your friends or cow workers can't use your pen drive without your permission !. you can lock your pen drive by using penprotect software.
there are many software are available in market. here is a snap of that software:


Download it from HERE

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