February 2011 ~ Computer Hacks ~

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Hack Idea net setter: Make a call from dongle

today ill tell you about my latest hack of 3G Idea Net setter. call from it .okay,,,,,,,, so let's see how   ?

NOTE: This is for EDUCATION purpose only to show you it is possible to call from idea Net setter. I am not responsible for unauthorized use of these information.
when i bought my first dongle and installed on my computer ,
i was started getting troubles
The main problem was when any one call's on my  cell no. 95xxxxxxxx
They gets caller tune as default tune (tring tring tone) but real in the Fact i'm not getting any call on my computer !
idea net setter team has just created a customized avatar of HUAWEI DONGLE
it's allows you to connect internet(Lol),sending sms,and checking your balance
but don't allows you to accept or create a call ! :(
so how to solve this problem !
here we go.....
to solve this problem you have to download a software called :Mobile Partner

this is the main software and Great software developed by the dongle owner "HUAWEI"
if you focus in this  both of software you will find that
idea dongle's developers has just made a copy n pasted the source code of this mobile partner software on idea net setter  ! see the snaps

got it ?
computer is the father of mobile so that's why it can do every task like Calling and sending bla bla bla all(etc) as mobile.
i didn't understand that why they(idea net setter's developers) don't allows user to make a GSM call but what ever,we can now call from pc as a mobile phone !
see the snap:

to call anyone you have to just visit call panel
dial or receive the number..........

se the picture :i'm getting call from my other cell

get that software(Mobile Partner) from here
so enjoy ......... and stay connected . :)

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What is SLAX ?

today i just installed an operating system.Called Slax
it's an awesome Operating system.and this is my favorite portable os.means to say this os can be installed in USB Pen drive . so this kind of os are only build for flash drives .
i had installed Google Chromium os and Ubuntu but i did't stultified  with these os.
so i installed this os. This OS can be totally run on RAM.
the size of installation file is just only 2OO MB !
Graphics of this os is Good.
SLAX have many inbuilt office software like spread sheet(same as Excel),pdf reader and much more.
slax: Your pocket operating system Download
so thanks for reading my article .next time i will tell you about newer os
and stay connected ..... Enjoy.... 

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ISRO Bhuvan Earth -A Google earth killer

ISRO Bhuvan Earth is satellite-based 3D mapping application from ISRO.
it's works same as Google earth according to geographical presentation.
it's not competing with Google Earth , but the media saying that ISRO Bhuvan will be a Google Earth killer.
While Google Earth works on a downloadable client, Bhuvan works on browser (but IE 6 only)

SO, how to download this ?
to download this program you have to just install a plugin in IE
for more click here

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How to undo facebook's New photo viewer ?

hello guys,
today i will tell you about how to get back into classic view in Face book
Recently face-book has updated it's photo viewer they are calling it photo theater.

this viewer looks great  but i don't like this viewer because when i click on any photo i'm getting a photo like a pop up advertisement it looks like i'm visiting a website not a photo ! :)
so i decided to solve this problem . first i tried to disable java script of the browser and yepp that was working but the problem was the i have to re enable the java script of the browser to use all other stuff of facebook like chat, upload etc.
so last night i Got the solution ! :)
so follow this steps :
First Go to your Photo :
this is one of the my album photo
now see the highlighted area.
copy that address .copy the full url and now close the window or tab and open new tab or window
now past that url into this new tab or window (in short press F5 LOL)and  see the magic ! :)

got it ? this one is my favorite trick ever :)
so enjoy your older photo viewer !
and stay connected .

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Delete undeletable file or virus using a little software

if you are having any trouble to removing any files or viruses use this software called killbox
this software can delete files in boot mode so any virus can't be infect your pc .
so let's download this software frome here 
and Enjoy.......... :)

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Increase buffering speed in you tube or any other flash video(.flv)

yesterday i was just getting low internet speed and i was started getting defeculty in watching you tube video means to say video was not playing continuously.
  but first what is buffer ?
  A buffer is temporary holding pen in the computers memory for data for inputs (e.g., to software) or outputs (e.g., to a printer) until the process can deal with it.  Buffers are needed when data comes in faster than it can be processed, or when the rates vary, like in a printer spooler.  In regards to video streaming, buffering occurs when a streaming media player saves portions of a streaming media file to local storage for playback.  Streaming media players usually buffer a small percentage of a media presentation before play begins. Buffering can also occur during the streaming media presentation, when the presentation's required bandwidth is greater than the available bandwidth needed to view the file in real-time. 
so if you are having low bandwidth internet connection try this cool software called speed bit accelerator
 see the image to know how it works:

okay ? understand , that's why it's faster 
with this software i just wanna to say a trick . while you are watching any you tube video just check that video is playing as 240p by default all the video are playing as 360p means video quality level .
so downlaod this software from here

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Simply Hack Rapid share

What ? hack ? is that True ?
Yes, thats True
hi, today i'll tell you a simple trick to download your file faster

soooooo lets see ,
okay, so now i have a link of a file .
and i'm wanted to download it. so now when we click on regular download it will display a  countdown  clock
so how to bypass that time ?

follow this steps :
while there is a countdown clock(whatever you say) past this java script code on the top of bar called address bar where you type the name of any website.
code : javascript:alert(c=0)
Click on OK.
Click OK again .
in the pop up box Enter the captcha if you are a human Lol  and simply Download Your File :)

now i have to download second file but i reached my limit what to do ?
so just logout from your isp account and login again
if you are a wireless broadband user or dial-up user simply disconnect and reconnect to the internet
this will change your dynamic ip address
but before you go for your download file , you have to delete your cookies otherwise they will catch you !
if your ip is does't change type this in run and hit the enter key : ipconfig /flushdns

so enjoy unlimited downloads :)

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New Hot Keys of windows 7

as i had recently posted some shortcut keys(hot keys) of mozilla firefox , i  decided to post some hot keys windows 7 users which can be very helpful for you :

Windows + Pause [Break] – Open System Properties.
Windows + ? (Up Arrow) – Maximize window

Windows + ? (Left Arrow) – Snap window to left side covering half of desktop space. Continue pressing the keyboard shortcut will rotate the window between snap to left, snap to right and restore to normal position.

Windows + ? (Right Arrow) – Snap window to right side covering half of desktop space. Continue pressing the keyboard shortcut will rotate the window between snap to left, snap to right and restore to normal position.

Windows + ? (Down Arrow) – Minimize the window. Restore to normal size and position if the window is currently maximized.

Windows + Home – Clear all but the active window.

Windows + Space – All windows become transparent so you can see through to the desktop.

Windows + D – Show desktop and restore desktop (minimize or restore all windows).

Windows + M – Minimize all windows.

Windows + U – Open Ease of Access Center.

Windows + F – Search window.

Windows + G – Bring all gadgets on top and foreground.

Windows + X – Run Windows Mobility Center.

Windows + R – Open ‘Run’ command.

Windows + E – Run Windows Explorer.

Windows + L – Lock the computer.

Windows + Shift + ? (Left Arrow) – Move the active window to the adjacent monitor on the left for dual or multiple monitors setup.

Windows + Shift + ? (Right Arrow) – Move the active window to the adjacent monitor on the right for dual or multiple monitors setup.

Windows + T – Show preview thumbnail of running applications in Windows Taskbar one by one without mouse over.

Windows + P – Adjust presentation options of the display on computer or projector.

Windows + + (Add) – Zoom in.

Windows + – (Minus or Dash) – Zoom out.

Shift + Click a Taskbar item: Open a new instance of that particular application

Windows + [number] – Activate and run the program pinned on Windows 7 Task bar, running program won’t be affected.

Windows + Tab – Windows Aero Task Switcher

F1 – Help

F3 – Search

you can lean some more shortcut key from it's official website

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Useful shortcut keys of Mozilla Firefox

today i'm just sharing some useful shortcut keys of Mozilla Firefox ::

>Space bar (scroll down the current page)
>Ctrl + T (open new tab)
>Shift + Space-bar (scroll up the page)
>Ctrl + F (find words on the page)
>Alt + N (find next word)
>Ctrl + D (bookmark)
>Ctrl + K (go to the search bar)
>Ctrl + L (go to address bar)
>Ctrl + = (increase text size)
>Ctrl + – (decrease text size)
>Ctrl + W (close tab)
>F5 (refresh)
>Alt + Home (go to the home page)

 you can learn more shortcut from it's web site

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Delete viruses without any anti virus software

today i just visited a virus infected computer.on that computer i was not able to open the D Drive.because of it's infection !so when i was trying to open that drive i was just getting an error , that partition is corrupted . means to say the virus was inside on that drive !. so now how to delete this kind of virus when you have no any anti-virus software ?
so let's see, every file of virus has a attribute like this : Read only file, Hidden file , System file
so now this kind of file can't be deleted easily . so first how to get into that kind of drive ?
follow this steps
>go to my computer you can also type this shortcut key : " WIN + E "
,find address bar on the top n type the location of your drive
for eg: D:
after the drive name colon is compulsory .okay now , hit the enter key
you w'll be in that drive !
okay now how to find virus on that drive ?
so let's open the cmd command prompt go to run type cmd and hit the enter key , now  in cmd type the location of your drive which is infected by virus . for eg: type :E and press enter
now type dir to view all the file on on drive
but the virus will be not shown at this time !
so what to do ?
you have to remove it's attributes like read only , hidden , and system
so let's remove the attribute
type attrib -s -r -h
hit the enter key again
now type dir and enter key
now you w'll find the files of virus like auto run.inf or new folder.exe etc that are appearing as a unknown files !
so type del file name
or type rd folder name
eg: del auto run.inf
rd new folder
but if you got difficulty go on that drive as i told you and simply delete the file by clicking right click or del key !
if that file still can't be deleted
download this software called unlocker to delete undeleteble file easily.this trick is also working on pen drive . you can remove virus from pen drive by doing this steps :)
so enjoy... !

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How to hide a partition in windows without any software ?

hi, today i'll tell you a greate trick to hide a partition from hard disk !
without installing any software. yes that's true.
all the process will done by cmd (command Prompt)
so let's start
Go to
start >
Run >
type CMD>
IN the command prompt window
type this command "Diskpart"
this command w'll get you into the disk operation where you can repair, delete, n create partition !
see this snap :
then type list volume

 the list of volume will be displayed like this :

now type select volume 4 (note that here you have to type number of partition not the label of partition)

after that command window will looks like this :

volume 4 is the selected volume , not the partition e is selected type list volume again , the * Asterisk sing will be displayed in front of E drive  

now type remove letter e to hide the partition !

 after pressing enter key the command window will be looks like this :

 now go to my computer , The E drive is hidden ! wow :)

now let's see how to un hide the E drive type list volume again ,

 and type assign letter e
and hit enter

disk part successfully assigned the drive letter or mount point. means the drive is restored ! now go  to my computer again ! and see the magic ! 

Wow the E drive is showing ! :) so enjoy the posts. by using this command you can hide you memory card , pen drive and cd - drive too ! . :) 

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How to Enable God Mode ( A hidden Feature ) in Windows 7 ?

Today i will tell you about a secret feature of windows 7 Called, "God mode"
what is god mode ?
so, God mode is nothing else but a specific folder where, we can access all the windows settings
without browsing in folder of folder,propriety,start menu,or control panel etc.
okay, so now we understand about god mode .to enable this , we have to first create a simple folder so right click on a location where you wanted to see this folder . the default folder name is "New Folder" now, Rename it with this magical Words :


you can change the name(god mode) before the dot (.) but you cant change any thing after the dot that coding are necessary !

after doing this the folder icon will be looks like this :

so Enjoy......... ! :)

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How to connect internet via mobile blue tooth !

today i'm going to explain you about how to connect internet through cellphone without installing any pc suite or any other software !
yes it is ,you can connect internet with a easy way,
when i was having china mobile i was researching to connect internet through dial up connetion so, because of my china mobile , i was not able to connet my phone to the computer via data cable , so i baught a new blue-tooth device worth 100 rupee :)

and restarted my old experiment :), that device was having a driver cd, but now day i'll suggest you to buy plug and play blue tooth device but why blue-tooth ? because,every blue tooth device is having 1mbps data transfer speed (not bad huh !)n every 2g isp(internet service provider) of india is not giving much speed above 1mbps., and yaah if you hav a laptop you don't have to buy blue tooth, okay so now lets coming to the main point , you have a computer with having a blue tooth device and you have a blue tooth having mobile lolz , 
so first just pair that two devices by adding security codes , now you had paired that both blue tooth devices ,

so lets open blue tooth configuration wizard , it will be found on the right side of task bar well known as notification area. there will be a symbol of blue tooth just right click on it , and find dial up connection , than the dial up wizard will be open, now in dial up wizard you have to enter the APN(access point name) what is this ? so apn is a kinda protocol of computer ,that allows computer to connect internet via mobile phone !
for eg.:
"www" or "portalnmms" (for vodafone)
idea : imis
reliance : smartnet , rcomwapsmartwap
if you wanted to go for 3g i'll suggest you to go for bsnl 3g , don't buy docomo plan it's very costly
so now you have cleared about apn, so in dial up setup you have to enter apn after this you have to dial a number , which is *99# or *99***1#
this number is a kind of bridge between mobile modem and computer . this is the default number in every cell phone ! but wait, you have to configure your mobile also, go to the setting on mobile and find apn or connetion settings , and add the same apn on that mobile . apn depends on isp.
so okay now go to dial up wizard and do that all stuff , and i'm sure you will'b conneted with internet in few secounds ! so thanks for reading my article and don't froget "comments" :) and next article will be on hacking !
so stay connected !

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Maxthon Browser

Today i'm going to tell you about a web browsers according to me,
so in now days there is a big war between browsers,
Here is browser status on 1st Jan, 2011
2011      Internet Explorer     Firefox     Chrome     Safari     Opera
January        26.6 %       42.8%      23.8%      4.0%      2.5%
source :w3school
people thinks that google chrome is the best browser but it is true ? NO, the fact is that Google chrome is worst   because it crashes randomly so according to my experience The best browser is................... Maxthon

 in Maxthon there is a my favorite feature , and that is Ad- hunter.
and it is much faster than any other browsers ! this is a Chinese browser but very awesome browser i had ever seen, here are some info about it's features :
     Tabbed document interface
     Saves open tabs in case of program shutdown or system crash
     Undo for any tabs accidentally closed
     AD Hunter - an ad-blocking utility that blocks pop-ups, Web banner and floating ads in webpages
     Enhanced security - Even if a security hole has not yet been corrected in the underlying web rendering engine, Maxthon      browser prevent most of the well-known exploits to run.
     Adobe Flash, Java applet and ActiveX blocker
     Customizable tabs and interface
     Programmable mouse gestures and mouse chording
     External utility bar - toolbar that allows you to open third-party programs
     RSS reader
     Supports many Internet Explorer plugins as well as plugins of its own
     Partial Gecko engine support with the use of a third-party program
     A search toolbar with 8 different search engines (user extensible)
     Automatic updating service
     Groups - the ability to bookmark & open multiple pages simultaneously
     URL aliases - open URLs by just typing a word in the address bar
     Simple collector - a small notepad-like utility, used to collect any text from web pages. You can write scripts in it and run them in the current web page
     Integrated web services - user extensible, but by default includes translators, Google's cached version of pages, Whois and anonymous web proxies
     (wiki pedia)
so download it from here 

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Pwn2Own Contest ,hack and earn money two contest is coming .

Yes, it Is.
2011 will be a great year for hackers .in this year many latest hacking tricks are invented. so now
two major company has just created two different contest
1. Google
2. Yahoo


So, Google is too confident for it's browser .They are saying That  Chorme browser can't be hacked
if any hacker will done this job handsomely , they will him (Hacker) $20,000 means around 2lacks Rupee !
but it's not easy to hack the browser. it's security is very high, so common question is that why they are doing this ? so , the answer is They are too smart, they want's to remove it's bugs and be the no. ! Browser
.This  is  a part of  Pwn2Own Contest .
What is Pwn2Own Contest ?
>Pwn2Own is a computer hacking contest held at the annual CanSecWest security conference, beginning in 2007.This is the series of contest year: 2007,2008,2009,2010,2011 Contestants are challenged to exploit specific software (especially web browsers and other web related software) This year The Target is Google Chrome Browser. computing platform targets. Contestant winners receive the device/computer that was successfully exploited and a cash prize.
For each successful exploit, the contest's sponsor, TippingPoint, provides a report to the applicable vendor, detailing the vulnerability and how it was exploited. The details are not released to the public until the vendor has corrected the vulnerability Wanna part ? Lolz :)
Yahoo university Hack day !
In the other side , Yahoo has also made a contest for hackers. this contest is created is created by Upc(Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya) In Hack U contest You  have to just submit your hack info. Here is a Overview on it :
Join Yahoo! web experts for a week of learning, hacking and fun! You’ll hear interesting tech talks, hacking tips and lessons, and get hands-on coding workshops where you’ll work with cutting-edge technology.The week’s events will culminate with our University Hack Day competition—a day-long festival of coding, camaraderie, demos, awards, food, music and jollity (it’s a real word, look it up). It’s not about perfect code, just your creativity, a cool idea and a working prototype. You’ll have access to tons of APIs and tools in the Yahoo! Developer Network (check out YQL, the YUI Library, SearchMonkey and BOSS just to name a few).No rules or limitations - just show up and hack for your opportunity to win cool prizes, a spot in the gallery, street cred and the chance to represent your school at the University Hack Showdown in California. This is your shot to develop something that will revolutionize the industry, make the world a better place or at least make the judges laugh (trust us, that goes a long way!). for more visit this link
soooo Thank you For reading my article and stay connected :) have a great day !

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Funny java script to hack the web !

hi ,there how are you all ?
so today i'm going to show you some funny script, when i was reading a book i found this java script .

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

try this script,visit any web site and past this script on url (where you type any website's name.)the whole web page can be editable on your browser ! you can delete any content of the page and past anything on the page !
so basically what's happening here  , when you past this script on the page the page suddenly go offline and make it editable for user.. this kind of function is also available in opera which is having this inbuilt feature  .
so enjoy this script.

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How to turn off lcd display of laptop.


i just bought a new laptop yesterday :) , so when i started using my laptop i realized that when i was downloading something, the Laptop L.C.D. Display was unused for me. while i was using my desktop , i was just turn off my monitor screen to save the power energy . but this physical button is not available on my laptop so i searched about a unknown software and i just got this amazing light software. when you open this software the LCD screen will turn off. To turn on the display just move your mouse pointer
 so i'm sharing this cool software download this software from  Here

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How to chat with using net meeting & command prompt ?

today my topic is  how to chat in command prompt (cmd)
so basically in windows all command or all work can be done by cmd !
cmd and dos are same. (disk operating system ) so in now days we all are using yahoo messenger ,
gtalk or skype . but did you know that in xp there is a hidden inbuilt software named "Net meeting"
so we can say it older avtar of yahoo messenger :) . but this software is not available in windows vista n windows 7 n not working properly in windows 7  ! and 2nd thing is that it's also can be used in peer to peer connected network ,
means to say off line computers .however ,net meeting can still be installed and run on
windows vista or in windows 7 net meeting software allows user to share the live desktop
view, files , and relay text (chat) to open this software you have to type in run : "CONF"
and it's done . after pressing enter the configuration setup will be open so in this case ,
don't enter the same email address in the setup .  and 2nd thing is that you ip must be unique !
in the peer to peer network  (i'm not talking about internet).
here are some snap shots of net meeting software :

okay so, now i'll tell you how to chat in cmd ?
so in cmd, there is a simple command called "net send"
you can type this command in cmd window or you can directly type this command in the run dialog box.
syntax of the command is : NET SEND IP ADDRESS MESSAGE
eg: net send "this is a test message"
in this case "this is a test message" message will be prompt on  the host computer. like this :

but the host computer can't replay in the same window
so now if we create this command in a loop , we can chat on the same window !
here is the code save this code in note pad with "(dot) .bat" extension 

@echo off
echo TypeIPAddress
set /p n=IPAddress:
set /p m=Message:
net send %n% %m%

 this will also run on internet !........ so enjoy... :) and don't forget ........  'comments'  !

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