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How to create our own header file in c programming ?

today i will tell you that how to create our own header file or you can say a zipped header file !...
if you wanted to know how to create this you must have to know about
C language
okay , so first you have to type
 this list of header file :

etc all that you have to zip.
now save this file as a your name like "Dhananjay.h"
but be sure that you had added (dot).h extension.
now move it or save it in this location C:\TC\INCLUDE (note: this is the default location you have to find tc named folder on your hard drive.)
but be sure that the Turbo c software must be installed in computer !
than open tc and start the program by typing
this will include all that above files which are stored in C's library .
every type you don't have to write all that header files by doing this if you are using many function or creating long program this will very useful. so thanks........
don't forget to say :)


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