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What is Symbian OS ?

Symbian was a proprietary operating system for mobile devices until recently, under Android's huge
challenge and losing market ground, Nokia bought all the Symbian outstanding shares, and 
created Symbian foundation and declared it open source.The main platforms forSymbian includes S60
and UIQ. UIQ was closed down and all people got laid off shortly after the creation of Symbian
foundation. As to how appealing open source Symbian to developers are yet to be seen. S60
series are no doubt the leader in number of installed base today.  However, Symbian's
market share, especially in the smartphone area, are getting smaller and  smaller largely due to
iPhone. The main language used for Symbian programming is J2ME and C++. C++ API provides more lower level device access than J2ME. However, their C+ + implementation is unnecessarily complex
and error-prone. Their paradigm is not suitable for the needs of modern mobile computing. It will
require them a great efforts to deliver something comparable to Android and iPhone. Palm's WebOS:
Palm's webOS utilized standards such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as their main building blocks. It's Mojo AJAX framework is based on Dojo. It also uses webkit as its browser engine, with sqlite as local storage, part of HTML5 standards. The fact that it's based on many W3C standards and uses web technologies will attract many web developers. It uses JavaScript as a bridge to the native device functions, such as GPS, power management, accelerometer, etc. Intel has some JavaScript toolkits are similar in
this fashion but Mojo takes this many steps higher. It also supports notifications and background services,
similar to Android. WebOS also supports multi-touch gesture-based system. This might potentially
infringe Apple's multi-  touch patent.


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