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How to chat on java mobile ?

hi,,,, today i will write about how to chat on mobile like instant messenger !
everyone may know about yahoo messenger so.... while i was on 11th i started to find ways of chat on mobile
after some hard working of this funny project i got some mobile applications.
by using this applications you can send or receive files and photographs , you can send buzz etc. on the mob.
you can live chat on face book
here are two best application according to mine.
you may love that application
if you wanted to use this application you have to first install this application on mob. and register on this site . it's very simple after doing this job, now you have to sing in to your social networking web site or any other account means to say you have to link other account to this ebuddy account . i love this application ! here are some screen shots :


2. Nimbuzz :
Now this app. is also an  interesting  app because you may now that yahoo messenger has many room chat
like Gujarat global chat, India global chat , Australia global chat etc...
as same as nimbuzz is having privet and global chat rooms .
as same as ebuddy you can also chat with facebook friends on nimbuzz and if two friends has a nimbuzz account you can call each other ! for free ! but limited minutes . here are some snaps of it :


3. Migg33 :
 this app is also good . in migg33 you can not just call migg33 member but you can call also out side friends in this case migg33 server calls you and connects to your requested mobile number !   
mig33 is the largest global community that brings you the power of the internet right to your mobile phone.Chat with millions of mig33 users .Keep friends in the loop with new status updates.Make cheap calls to any phone, anywhere, anytime!.SMS friends instantly with a cheap flat-rate.Personalize with cool themes, wallpapers and ringtones.Express yourself with tons of different emoticon packs.Share photos directly with all your friends and save them online.Free credits for inviting friends to join. here are some snaps of it :


4. Skype:
yaah..... skype we all now about it . it's a free voip site which is providing totally free call to skype 2 skype and providing very cheap price call to mobile number's  it also providing video call.
this software has a little limitation on java based mobile . after installing this app. you can directly call mobile to pc ! skype to skype call ! chat is working most of nokia mobile so enjoy this all apps... here are some snaps of it :

so thanks for reading my article,... if you like my posts suggests to you friends . or became a fan of computer tips & tricks on face book !    


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