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Top 3 mobile web browser .

sorry guys .... ,
i was in trip :(
so couldn't publish some posts,
while i was travailing i thought which mobile browser is the best ?
so according to mine..
i have made some list of mobile browsers.
so here we go the all are based on java .
for the first browser is:
1. Bolt Browser :

this browser is one of the greatest browser !
but why ? coz it having a inbuilt video player which can stream online video !
plus it's having image quality option you can decrease the quality of images ,
it has also ad-one like weather,temperature etc.
and the greatest thing of this browser is it display page like a computer web browser you can fill up form of yahoo ! so that's are it's features !
and it's totally free !
get it

now second one is :

2. Opera mini :
it's popularity is for speed !
but why this browser is fast ?
because.... whenever we enter any address it's request transfer from it's server !
it's server transfer requested page on your mobile with zipped pages !
so... minimum data charges will use and maximum speed you will get !
this browser is inbuilt in nokia phone but don't use that use opera mini 5.1

get it
3. Uc-browser :
Ucbrowser is also a faster browser it displays web site as a mobile site !
This web browser is available for a number of platforms, including Java,iO S & Android.It works on both low memory mobiles and high memory mobiles !
here are some screen shots :

get it !


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