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Hack Idea net setter: Make a call from dongle

today ill tell you about my latest hack of 3G Idea Net setter. call from it .okay,,,,,,,, so let's see how   ?

NOTE: This is for EDUCATION purpose only to show you it is possible to call from idea Net setter. I am not responsible for unauthorized use of these information.
when i bought my first dongle and installed on my computer ,
i was started getting troubles
The main problem was when any one call's on my  cell no. 95xxxxxxxx
They gets caller tune as default tune (tring tring tone) but real in the Fact i'm not getting any call on my computer !
idea net setter team has just created a customized avatar of HUAWEI DONGLE
it's allows you to connect internet(Lol),sending sms,and checking your balance
but don't allows you to accept or create a call ! :(
so how to solve this problem !
here we go.....
to solve this problem you have to download a software called :Mobile Partner

this is the main software and Great software developed by the dongle owner "HUAWEI"
if you focus in this  both of software you will find that
idea dongle's developers has just made a copy n pasted the source code of this mobile partner software on idea net setter  ! see the snaps

got it ?
computer is the father of mobile so that's why it can do every task like Calling and sending bla bla bla all(etc) as mobile.
i didn't understand that why they(idea net setter's developers) don't allows user to make a GSM call but what ever,we can now call from pc as a mobile phone !
see the snap:

to call anyone you have to just visit call panel
dial or receive the number..........

se the picture :i'm getting call from my other cell

get that software(Mobile Partner) from here
so enjoy ......... and stay connected . :)


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