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How to chat with using net meeting & command prompt ?

today my topic is  how to chat in command prompt (cmd)
so basically in windows all command or all work can be done by cmd !
cmd and dos are same. (disk operating system ) so in now days we all are using yahoo messenger ,
gtalk or skype . but did you know that in xp there is a hidden inbuilt software named "Net meeting"
so we can say it older avtar of yahoo messenger :) . but this software is not available in windows vista n windows 7 n not working properly in windows 7  ! and 2nd thing is that it's also can be used in peer to peer connected network ,
means to say off line computers .however ,net meeting can still be installed and run on
windows vista or in windows 7 net meeting software allows user to share the live desktop
view, files , and relay text (chat) to open this software you have to type in run : "CONF"
and it's done . after pressing enter the configuration setup will be open so in this case ,
don't enter the same email address in the setup .  and 2nd thing is that you ip must be unique !
in the peer to peer network  (i'm not talking about internet).
here are some snap shots of net meeting software :

okay so, now i'll tell you how to chat in cmd ?
so in cmd, there is a simple command called "net send"
you can type this command in cmd window or you can directly type this command in the run dialog box.
syntax of the command is : NET SEND IP ADDRESS MESSAGE
eg: net send "this is a test message"
in this case "this is a test message" message will be prompt on  the host computer. like this :

but the host computer can't replay in the same window
so now if we create this command in a loop , we can chat on the same window !
here is the code save this code in note pad with "(dot) .bat" extension 

@echo off
echo TypeIPAddress
set /p n=IPAddress:
set /p m=Message:
net send %n% %m%

 this will also run on internet !........ so enjoy... :) and don't forget ........  'comments'  !


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