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How to connect internet via mobile blue tooth !

today i'm going to explain you about how to connect internet through cellphone without installing any pc suite or any other software !
yes it is ,you can connect internet with a easy way,
when i was having china mobile i was researching to connect internet through dial up connetion so, because of my china mobile , i was not able to connet my phone to the computer via data cable , so i baught a new blue-tooth device worth 100 rupee :)

and restarted my old experiment :), that device was having a driver cd, but now day i'll suggest you to buy plug and play blue tooth device but why blue-tooth ? because,every blue tooth device is having 1mbps data transfer speed (not bad huh !)n every 2g isp(internet service provider) of india is not giving much speed above 1mbps., and yaah if you hav a laptop you don't have to buy blue tooth, okay so now lets coming to the main point , you have a computer with having a blue tooth device and you have a blue tooth having mobile lolz , 
so first just pair that two devices by adding security codes , now you had paired that both blue tooth devices ,

so lets open blue tooth configuration wizard , it will be found on the right side of task bar well known as notification area. there will be a symbol of blue tooth just right click on it , and find dial up connection , than the dial up wizard will be open, now in dial up wizard you have to enter the APN(access point name) what is this ? so apn is a kinda protocol of computer ,that allows computer to connect internet via mobile phone !
for eg.:
"www" or "portalnmms" (for vodafone)
idea : imis
reliance : smartnet , rcomwapsmartwap
if you wanted to go for 3g i'll suggest you to go for bsnl 3g , don't buy docomo plan it's very costly
so now you have cleared about apn, so in dial up setup you have to enter apn after this you have to dial a number , which is *99# or *99***1#
this number is a kind of bridge between mobile modem and computer . this is the default number in every cell phone ! but wait, you have to configure your mobile also, go to the setting on mobile and find apn or connetion settings , and add the same apn on that mobile . apn depends on isp.
so okay now go to dial up wizard and do that all stuff , and i'm sure you will'b conneted with internet in few secounds ! so thanks for reading my article and don't froget "comments" :) and next article will be on hacking !
so stay connected !


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