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How to hide a partition in windows without any software ?

hi, today i'll tell you a greate trick to hide a partition from hard disk !
without installing any software. yes that's true.
all the process will done by cmd (command Prompt)
so let's start
Go to
start >
Run >
type CMD>
IN the command prompt window
type this command "Diskpart"
this command w'll get you into the disk operation where you can repair, delete, n create partition !
see this snap :
then type list volume

 the list of volume will be displayed like this :

now type select volume 4 (note that here you have to type number of partition not the label of partition)

after that command window will looks like this :

volume 4 is the selected volume , not the partition e is selected type list volume again , the * Asterisk sing will be displayed in front of E drive  

now type remove letter e to hide the partition !

 after pressing enter key the command window will be looks like this :

 now go to my computer , The E drive is hidden ! wow :)

now let's see how to un hide the E drive type list volume again ,

 and type assign letter e
and hit enter

disk part successfully assigned the drive letter or mount point. means the drive is restored ! now go  to my computer again ! and see the magic ! 

Wow the E drive is showing ! :) so enjoy the posts. by using this command you can hide you memory card , pen drive and cd - drive too ! . :) 


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