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How to undo facebook's New photo viewer ?

hello guys,
today i will tell you about how to get back into classic view in Face book
Recently face-book has updated it's photo viewer they are calling it photo theater.

this viewer looks great  but i don't like this viewer because when i click on any photo i'm getting a photo like a pop up advertisement it looks like i'm visiting a website not a photo ! :)
so i decided to solve this problem . first i tried to disable java script of the browser and yepp that was working but the problem was the i have to re enable the java script of the browser to use all other stuff of facebook like chat, upload etc.
so last night i Got the solution ! :)
so follow this steps :
First Go to your Photo :
this is one of the my album photo
now see the highlighted area.
copy that address .copy the full url and now close the window or tab and open new tab or window
now past that url into this new tab or window (in short press F5 LOL)and  see the magic ! :)

got it ? this one is my favorite trick ever :)
so enjoy your older photo viewer !
and stay connected .


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