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Firefox 4:download the latest version.

hii all
in the last few month ago i was using beta version of Mozilla Firefox but the main problem was on that version is the most popular word "CRASH" .
yes, i was having problem of crashing in this version & also on Google Chrome !
but the latest versions of both browsers are not crashing :) . did you know why i love Mozilla Firefox
coz it's have lots of add-on !
and this newer version is Supporting HTML 5. This version is not Released Yet but still you can download it.but First see the popularity of  IE :
so forget IE and get Mozilla Firefox 4.0 RC(what an !dea sir ji lolz.)
here is some snap shots of This Browser :

here are some download links :
For Windows
For Linux
so Enjoy.... The latest cool browser...and leave some good comments ..... :)


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