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latest os : Linux Mint - An ideal operating system

in the last month i was researching on some latest linux based os.
as i discussed about SLAX OS in my recent article . Today ill tell you about the latest Linux Mint operating System.

What is Linux mint ?

> Linux mint is the Linux  based operating system .and the greatness of it is ,, it's an open source !
means totally free operating system .and this is my favorite regular operating system .
you can download it from it's web site. and you will get and iso file . the size of image (.iso) file is just only 831 MB !.
Linux mint 10. is the latest version of mint. and code name is julia .
  benefit of this os is drivers!
yes. this os is can be supported most of the drivers .
no need to install any sound driver .blue tooth driver etc.
i think this is look like as updated ubuntu os .but this is not ubuntu !.
okay, start menu is superb. cool  and stylish !

and did you know that this is having Mozila firefox with having java and adobe flash player !
and yes, without any media player operating system is dumb so there is popular media player we all know about that  VLC Media player . (.flv)flash file player .
and yes , open office and fire wall are also included
nothing to update in this operating system !
but if you are scared about your older windows software .then install in Linux a software called virtual box you can also use wine
and run all your .exe file not only in mint but in all other Linux based operating system .you can use this software as mirror also . means you can run Linux in windows operating system.
okay so let's get back to the topic.
i was talking about some cool feature of mint.so there is a very useful software for email .
called Mozilla Thunderbird . outlook and thunderbird are the examples of message manger.
for chat there are two new software : pidgin and xchat.

Pidgin is a instant messaging client  . so chat messengers are also included in mint.
11th version is coming in this MAY code name is katya . but now you can use only 10th version.
this os available in 32 bit 64 . 11th version is coming in this MAY code name is katya
so why are you waiting for download it from here


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