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simply smash email account !

all hope you all are fine.,
now today i'm going to tell you about a hacking software called mess bomber

so before we start,  you have to know  what is mess bomber ?
so mess bomber is a simple email bomber designed to bomb your victim's email account with thousands of or more than emails !
so lets see how to use this software ,
so normally if you w'll try to send same an email repeatedly   , your email service provider w'll be block your email service immediately or you have to face the captcha's and all that stuffy,
so if you use mess bomber (email spammer ) this will bypass the security and it will send thousands of emails to your target account !
okay, so now first  download this software from below link :
after that you will see this software as above ,
now first, type your target's email ,subject,message , and type the number in how many times box.

after that go to smtp settings  and type your email username, password, port 465 leave it default (don't use your real email account use another account for this experiment ), and find out  your SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ) server name from  below  link :
download this text file
now click on bomb button
after that you will see victim's email box :

so enjoy...


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