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What is ip address ? and how to hide it ?

so now i'm going to write some useful info about ethical hacking stuffs but first you have to know what is an ip address ?
> ip is a short form of internet protocol ,
Internet Protocol Address (or IP Address) is an unique address that computing devices use to identify itself and communicate with other devices in the Internet Protocol network. Any device connected to the IP network must have an unique IP address within its network.same as our cell number . so before any ethical hackers or black hat hacker will start there hacking they hide there real ip address , every ip address of the internet are provided by isp (internet service provider ). don't be confused between static ip address & dynamic  ip address ! dynamic ip are used in internet. when the static ip is configured by a normal user means it can be configered in local computer network . to know your ip visit this site : www.whatismyip.com to learn more about ip just click here
okay so how they hide ther ip ?
>so if you wanna hide your ip , you have to use a high anonymous proxy server ,this proxy server is a third computer between the the client's(hacker's)  computer & victim's computer.(or web server)

so normal anonymous proxy will hide you ip but not it's own ip so this kind of proxy server can be detected !
but the high anonymous proxy will not be detected as proxy server . so use this kind of proxy server 
google it to know more about it. okay so here is site which is providing free proxy servers :alive proxy.com 
to set the proxy server's ip on your browser first go to the site and pick up the ip .
e.g. : there is the port number after the colon mark (:) .
know note down this & open your browser i'm using Mozilla Firefox so on mozilla go to options menu > advance setting >select the network tab  now click on connection settings n give the ip address as shown  below :
now you have connected via ip address ! now serf the internet with high privacy ! in the next post i will tell you some user ful software to hide ip . so stay tuned :)


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