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Facebook Trick

Did you know that facebook have a tiny domain name
it's fb.com check out whoislookup btw today i'm going to share how to add bold text or underline text effect in chat  .
okay now let's type Your name in chat box by using two **
like this : Dhananjay *Dave*

 Got it ? Now let's type Underlined Text by using Underscore _ 
like this : Dhananjay_Dave_
you can use both like this *_text_*
now check out all facebook smileys & emotions
 now next trick , Stop email Notifications Of Facebook
Most of us are  Bored for getting lots of emails from the facebook .
so to stop this email alert just go to my account and click on Notifications

Now  uncheck All check box or you want  after that Go to the Groups  


  click on change email settings for individual groups if you are in any Groups .
and do the same as above ....

so Enjoy.......


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