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Get Information From Down or hacked web sites .

hello friends,
today i'm going to tell you how to access any websites when they got hacked or down for few hours for update or maintenance .!
so,while i was surfing on internet , i got this kind of message :

so whenever you got this kind of message , just visit call my GURU , My Guru is Google :) we all know about it . it's really great for us !~! . now ,how google can be helpful here ? , so When you got this kind of error just copy the url of that site without www and http:// and past it to google.com
4 example http://dhananjay247.blogspot.com is under maintenance , just past dhananjay247.blogspot.com and you will get the result like this :

as above snap you can see that there is a sub link below the main link called CACHED .
so , what is cached link ?
Google cahes (storing)  each pages as a back-up on there own servers !. The cached version is what Google uses to judge if a page is a good match for your query .so now when every any site go offline we can still get info from the site !!
see the snapshot :

Got it ??
so , Enjoy....net surfing .....
feel free to leave your good comments :)


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