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Osama bin laden Computer Virus Released !!!

Oh my god this is shocking news us, i got this news from you tube. yesterday .
So recently FBI Announced the OSAMA bin laden Virus Released and it widely Harms our Computer..!!
so , this virus comes from Some Major websites ,like : Facebook ,Orkut and via Email also .
in email , when we got this kind of email this email is including some Images , links and all that other stuffs , so when any one clicks on it the Trojan and two other viruses will be downloaded on the victim's computer.

In Facebook this Can Come as Image,Video or  link
News related on image and other links & when we Click any of them then it come in our Computer and Harm our Computer And in orkut it Comes in Scrape Picture and other Application
so beware . don't open any any spam mail if is not related with your business . and yaah in fb i got an invitation of an event ,"Get free facebook T- shirt " Lol. it's very funny way to fool any people by using the term "FREE" most of us will click on this kind of links immediately  :( , so that's why they lost there accounts , so don't click on any links,so... update your antivirus ,and turn of your fire wall now.
Google it for  more info :p

so,,,,,,Enjoy the safe internet


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