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hello guys how are you all ?
hope all is well :)
we all know that facebook is the best target for hackers to send there harmful links Trojan phishing links etc...
,most of the links are in shorted form , i'm calling it compressed links via tinyurl.com or goo.gl bit.ly so,i think you have seen this kind of links many times but be sure that this kind of links can be dangerous ! so ignore it, so, now in facebook there is a very good app available called:

Norton safeweb 

Norton is a one of the best antivirus created ever this world ,So,,
What exactly is Norton Safe Web? Norton Safe Web is a website rating service from Symantec. Everyday Norton Safe Web analyzes several million of URLs to look for those containing security risks. The results from our site rating analysis are used to warn users against sites that might infect their PCs or compromise their personal information.so click on above link use this app , and yaah, don't forget to set this app in auto scan mode !!
so enjoy safe facebooking .... :)


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