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Stop Redirecting Google to your Country domain !

hi ,Recently i was pinging on different websites like Google Yahoo Twitter etc .
while i was pinging on Google i got a new topic for my blog.so in India if i type WWW.Google.com The Domain name server will  silently redirect you to www.Google.co.in but why ?? because Google knows your ip address and your ip address is provided by ISP(INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER)which has limitation of reserved ip addresses . so whenever you type Google.com  ,The server of Google will automatically Redirect to your Country Domain name for Example if you are in uk the redirected site will be www.Google.co.uk
so how to stop redirecting Google  ? well it's quit easy just Open Command Prompt and Type
Ping www.Google.com

so as you can see there is an Ip address after Google.com
so copy this kind of ip and past it to your Home Page Setting so now whenver you click of Homepage button you will not Redirect to the Country Domain name ! :)

and if you are too lazy to do this steps then just Set Your Home Page As :
okay now just add replace http to https before the address and see the Magic !!
so Enjoy ......


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