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Turn Your Mobile into A wireless webcam !!

yes it's true
,now you can use your mobile phone as a web cam !!  it can now serve streaming video on pc !!
now, this is very interesting topic , so yesterday  i just lost  my web cam driver on my lappy ,then i started searching.

while i was searching 4 it on google i got this cool software called SMARTCAM

so, to set your java mobile as web cam you will need a  Bluetooth device buy it if you don't have,Price is around 100 Rs so buy it if you are a Desktop user .okay so now after installing Bluetooth hardware and Software . download this software from Here
now you will need another software for your s60 or java Enabled mobile . get it from here
download that .jar file .and install it on your cell phone . now open that software on mobile and connect it with your pc Bluetooth device . don't forget to run smart cam first . n you will see streaming  video from your mobile cam !!

but unfortunately it's works only on S60 series phone :( not on s40. Google it if you don't know what is s60 or S40 .
So Enjoy...... N Stay Connected.


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