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Stylish your Facebook Profile

hello Friends , 
have you ever seen any Facebook Profile like above snap ?
if yes , Then Did You Know ?,how they Create this kind of  stylish profile ?
well it's quite simple
just you have to run an application  On Facebook click here 

now , just click on upload Photo , select your Photo .
after that you can customize your photo view by moving  to any side.click on flip or click on add theme.if you wanted to adjust pixel just visit this site
now click on Create Profile and after that you have to set a photo as your profile photo
and see the magic ,remove  tagged profile post on your wall.
so you done all .
now next, simple trick fool your Facebook friends. update you status via » BlackBerry » BlackBerry Torch » BlackBerry PlayBook » iPhone » iPhone 4 » iPhone 5 » iPad » iPad 2 » Android etc :D:
just use this applications:

so enjoy...
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