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Google Plus -The New Social Network

Hello guys , How are you all ?
So Today I'm Going to share with you some information about This Social Networking Site .

So What is Google Plus ?
i know it may be stupid questions for Geeks but let me try ,
Google Plus is an Awesome Social Network with light size, Powerful Graphics and 
it's easy to use same as Facebook .finally Google got it that Social networking site's Users don't like heavy websites like Orkut 

Wanna join it ?
Leave your email in Comment . I will Invite you to Join This Social Networkvisit Plus.google.com Or Google.com/+


this is the normal screen shots before Invitation:


Google Chrome Users Can Use Google Plus App. on Chrome Browser
Get it

So this site have this 5 Cool Basic  features : Circles, Sparks, Hangouts, Instant Uploads and Huddle ,

Circles can create Groups of your Friends ,eg:College Friends ,School Firends , Family , idiots (LOL)etc whatever you like :)


Sparks :  letting you input things you’re interested in .You can Pin Your interest/passion under Sparks for quick access

 Hangouts :so,,,,,,, in Hangouts you can Video Chat with your Friends

 Instant Uploads :Just Drag And Drop Upload , Users Can Decide if and with whom they want to share their Photos Or Videos .

and Finally
Huddle : A Big group chat to save your time.

watch this

 and yaah you can share links , videos , photos same as Facebook On Your Google Plus Network

Checkout this Google Plus Cheat Sheet :

so finally Your Profile Your Profile Will  be Looks Likes as..... :


So Enjoy .....
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