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Simply Down Any website !

hi all .
so after some sharing articles on Technology .so let's back on ethical hacking .
so .. if you are a fan of my blog on Facebook i shared a news about 160by2.com .
this site was down for few hours .. so it was a DDOS attack .. so today i'm going to share some info about this kind of attack on server So Lets see how it works ..
DDos (Distributed denial of service attack) : A type of attack on a network or server that is designed to bring the network down by flooding it with data packets .

so as you can see on picture The hacker is sending multiple packets on the network .
here is a tool that can be used to perform this kind of hack attack on any server .
this kind of attack can simply down any small websites . but before you use this tool

so to do this The hacker will need to know the ip address of that specific website . it's quite simple to know the ip address of any website .
just by using dos .

here leave 80 port as default  (http) so ... after that the website will start getting huge  fake visitors on the server .. and after the server reaches visitors  limit  . the site will down ... !



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