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Get .in Domain at just 99Rs for 1 Year .. ! ~

Hello guys..
so as you might be knowing , i just bought A New Domain
Name for this blog :  "WWW.GEEKDAVE.IN" worth Rs 99 only.
so today i'm going to share step by step process to buy your Custom .in domain name......
but first of all visit this link if you don't know about a domain name .
so if you wanted to buy .in Domain name.just Register your custom domain name on this website :BIGROCK.IN :

nothing new .. go ahead .. and chose your .in domain for your website or your blog .register on this website.
now there are two payment options  :
1) Online Payment , and
2) Offline Payment .
but i will share only details about offline payment .
for cash deposit Go to the icici bank or whatever you like .. know more at bigrock.in
now... after the payment process  is done .just take that payslip and scan it via scanner . if you don't  have scanner just go to your nearest Cyber Cafe .

Now just go back to your home and .. just send an email to billing@bigrock.com with an Attaching Image.
tada ... almost done ... just wait for a response : "Hi,  Your Domain Name whatever.in has been successfully registered. Please find the details of your order below  " then just Login into your admin panel @ bigrock.in . now just some more clicks  to go .. i found a great tut for blogger users .. so sharing...  just visit this link .
if you have any problems then just ask your questions to bigrock pvt. ltd. team .
and that's how i got this domain name :

 so thank you ..
by the way facebook fans are now 600 !,and email subscribers are now more than 200 ... !
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