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Know How to Simply Hack Facebook Accounts and Password !

Hello Guys,
i'm again back with the simple hack .Facebook.com the great evolution ever in social networking sites.anyways...so today i'm going to so you how a hacker( Script kiddie ) can simply hack you Facebook account .okay.. so as i posted recently a topic about
Phishing and free web hosting sites ,now i'm going to so you have to setup you phishing page .if you don't know about phishing Must visit this link
so before i start the article Read the Disclaimer first .so let's start the tutorial .
i'm using this free web hosting site: http://my-webs.org/ in this tutorial.so register here you account.
now Download Fake login page of Facebook ,after the registration you check you email you will get username and password for Cpanel  .find ftp manager online and upload this two files at root/htdocs Directory .and yes .. you almost done .just save you files and note down the url .now the page is ready .
www.facebookphis.my-webs.org now the hacker will send this page to the victim .
or the hacker will visit Public cyber cafe  and can change the homepage of every browser with this fake login page ! so it's better to use private internet access .

now how to find the passwords ? so as you can see in the  above picture the victim will enter his/her password .so re enter in the file manager . where you will find a new text file called passwordfound.txt :

to so just click on view and the password is yours !

So Enjoy ....... and
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