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UnThink - The latest Social Network .

hello guys..
what you thinking ?
nothing ?
oh UnThing !
so ..Here is the another Social networking site entered,while facebook is busy in creating more Designs like Timeline and Google plus is busy in creating more interesting applications with Developers,The Unthink.com is entered with a new concept .
Natasha Dedis, UNTHINK Founder and CEO“ says : We have built this community to empower individuals, and we encourage those who want to help us shape and grow the UNTHINK.com community to join us today”
well ,Face book collects your personal info ,posts and all activities for advertisers ,but in Unthink you have to chose your brand to sponsor your profile page
 nothing new complicated stuffs in this social network .

   Tada .. !  Profile is created ! Design is awesome !

so at the end i wanted to say that it's just a registration process not a survey form ! :D
i thought it will be faster then Google Plus but  loading speed is really slow .
but you should join this network once . so why are you waiting ?
visit :UnThink.com
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Enjoy... and
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