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How To FInd All Google Doodles

Hello Guys,
Today I'm Going to share how to find all Previous and Current Google Doodles .
but first of all if you are a regular reader you might be knowing already about my previous articles about Google Doodles .
Google Doodles celebrates all Holiday and Events in Google style.

so know first of all i'm going to write how i found this Index of Google Doodles.
without using any Google dorks.so  first open Google.com and right click on the Logo or Doodle.you will find a option called View Background Image or View Image.so just click on it.
and in this case you will find URL like

so if you Focus on this image link you will find
http://www.google.co.uk/logos visit this link or
according to this index, the first Google Doodle was :
Burning Man festival on Aug 30, 1998

you can able to collect all previous and current logos from 1998- to the current year .so it was just my stupid research :D share it if you like it .
Enjoy... and
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