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Life Twit - The Facebook Killer from India

hello guys.. so as i recently posted about UnThink  i found another cool social networking website .it's from India.
Life Twit :
Search and Connect with your Family,Friends,Teachers,Students,Class Mates,Neighbour,Relatives world wide. World's Best Social Netowrking Site.

So as you can see above Design of home page is  similar with facebook  .but wait it's not just a Social network like facebook . it contains all other services and features  in one place !
micro blogging same as twitter ,
personal blogging same as blogger or word press ,
video sharing same as Youtube,
video chatting same as Skype,
Questions same as ask.com and yahoo answers ,
and lots more.
but i really love the Speed.
it's faster than face book .without speed your site is nothing ..
it contains all this major features with the light web pages .

YuvaJobs.com is the Developer of this social network.
Gaurav Jain is Chairman and Founder of YuvaJobs.com

 Growth :6 lack Indian users in 20 days.
so what you think guys  this will gonna rock or not ?
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