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Simply Access Wikipedia on Blackout day

hello guys,
today i'm going to share how to bypass this message on Wikipedia.
“Student Warning! Do your homework early. Wikipedia protesting bad law on Wednesday!”
so you might be knowing already that Jimmy Wales announced on twitter :
 that Wikipedia will close for 24 hours on Wednesday to protest against SOPA - "Stop Online Privacy Act". and the bad news is the tweet comes true today.!!
when you try to visit Wikipedia you can't access the knowledge .
so i applied my old  Trick on Wikipedia and luckily , it worked !
it's quiet simple just search your topic on Google and click on Cached and yahoo you can access Wikipedia !
2nd way to access Wikipedia : just turn of java script on your browser .
chrome users just type this url : chrome://settings/content and goto java script and click on manage exception.. then enter hostname pattern   as http://en.wikipedia.org  and set behavior Block .
now visit Wikipedia..
tada...! you can access Wikipedia now :

so share this info. with your friends ..
Enjoy... and 
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