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what is Timeline ? How to set cool covers(banners) on Timeline ?

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sorry for the late update on timeline .
okay so as you might be knowing already what is timeline ? and it's features
in simple words Time Line is the latest version of the Facebook Profile .
-New Design .
-Activity Log
-View As
-Life Events & many more .

so to activate your New Time Line on Facebook , then just visit This Link
and Click on "Get it now" button Or you can wait until you see an announcement at the top of your profile. approx in the end of January month, Timeline (profile) will be set automatically on All profiles .after clicking on publish button you can't go back on your old Facebook profile except:using some add ons , extensions on your browser or other tricks .but beware there are many scams on "Go back from your Timeline" don't click on such kind of links.
now in timeline you can stylish your profile,share your ideas , status through Profile cover or whatever you imagine.. simply upload any photo :

there are lots of websites available specially for Timeline Cover .
Here is a collection of some popular websites :


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