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000Webhost.com server#46 is under DDoS attack !

You might be knowing already about Ddos attack but if you don't then you must read this : what is Ddos ? how to perform it ?

so okay, i'm going to tell you something about this website .
it's a one of the most popular free hosting service provider.
List of Free Web Hosting sites.

okay so now just focus on our topic :p
recently when i created an account on this website .
i can access cpanel but can't the Domain !
so i just found that the server no. 46 is under Ddos attack !
and it's down   for  3 weeks !
000webhost.com team says
Server #46 is under the DDOS attack (IP Nullrouted)We are still receiving a HUGE (over 3GB/s incoming traffic) DDoS attack targeting the Server #46. Our CISCO guard firewall isunable to handle such attack, so one of the server IP address - 3x.xxx.xxx.x is disabled (all the rest websites on this server are working fine).If your website is using this IP (due to unique IP rotation system only 3% websites are using this IP) it might be unavailable for some time As soon attack will subside, this IP address will be enabled and your website will start working again. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

hope server #46 will back soon .

so after that, i visited my3gb.com  and saw this ! :
500 Server Error
"We are experiencing technical difficulties with our website at the moment. we are working toresolve this issue. My3gb.com"
it was not usable yesterday but thank God it's working right now ... !
so i was using x10hosting.com . i'm happy with x10hosting.com it's simple with short sub domains like :http://abc.x10.mx .

we are happy to announce that Our Page rank is upgraded !
Computer Hacks got page rank 2 . without you guys this blog was nothing , so thanks for your loyal support . we have now 5000+ fans
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