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Create Your Custom Facebook chat Emotions !

hello friends,
today i'm gonna share some information on how to create your own Facebook emotions for Facebook chat box.
so as you might be knowing about recent topic :
How to Send Animated Emoticons in Chat box or messages.

okay. so it's quite easy to create fb emotions like this :

so there is a very interesting website. which can generate chat code for you so you can able to post your favorite logo,photo, cartoon any kind of character !
so if you wanna create code for your own image just upload your image on that website . and wait for the code. it will take long time sometimes so just be patient.


so after few minutes you will get some code like this :

[[204343736323493]] [[204343749656825]] [[204343762990157]] [[204343772990156]] [[204343802990153]] [[204343809656819]] [[204343826323484]][[204343836323483]] [[204343846323482]] [[204343862990147]] [[204343869656813]] [[204343882990145]] [[204343892990144]] [[204343906323476]][[204343919656808]] [[204343929656807]] [[204343939656806]] [[204343949656805]] [[204343956323471]] [[204343976323469]] [[204343982990135]][[204343996323467]] [[204344009656799]] [[204344022990131]] [[204344032990130]] [[204344042990129]] [[204344049656795]] [[204344059656794]][[204344069656793]] [[204344079656792]] [[204344089656791]] [[204344096323457]] [[204344102990123]] [[204344109656789]] [[204344129656787]]

 so just copy that code and paste it on your chat box. and you get result like this :

so... why are you waiting for ?
try smileyti.me

Must visit -- > Collections of Funny Pictures ( GeekROFL.blogspot.com )

So...Enjoy ...share it if you like it ..
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