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TellME vs SiRi The Personal Voice Assistants War.

hello guys,
who don't need a golden mobile ?
which can do anything (with some limitations), whatever you say.. like your pet !
yes i'm talking about  The Personal Voice Assistant .
you might be knowing about a most popular
Mobile Voice Assistant called "siri" :
Siri is an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator which works as an application for Apple's iOS.   that's why people are crazy to buy apple's iphone 4s .

okay,so recently Microsoft launched its own branded Voice Assistant called "TellME" it works like Apple's SiRi Voice Assistant ,which would work hand in hand with Windows Phone 7 Mobile operating system .
i'm sure you might be quite excited to know which is better voice assistant ?
Microsoft's TellME  ? or Apple's Siri ?
so here is a Video comparison between Microsoft's Tellme and Apple's Siri.

The results speak for itself !
Siri won this Game !

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