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Add a Pinterest Tab to Facebook [Guest Article]

Add a Pinterest Tab to Facebook
         Facebook is a rage all over the internet if you talk about social networking community. And with rising curiosity about Pinterest over the net, you would want to tag this to your social media platform – Facebook. Easy and simple, you can now add a Pinterest tab onto your Facebook page to showcase your Pinterest activity in simple and easy steps.

Pinterest for photo fans
Adding Pinterest to Facebook is not complicated but is addictive. If you are a Facebook fan, adding Pinterest to your Facebook will add to its glory. What’s more - you can even search for specific type if images here by clicking on ‘everything’ tab. It offers you eighteen categories to choose your pick. Else you could also search for your type of pick by typing your choice in the search field. It can be a great platform to get organized with your bookmarks.
How to link Pinterest to Facebook
In case you are also excited to add Pinterest to your social networking page, embed the Static iFrame Tab in your account and follow the below listed steps:
a. Visit the following link https://apps.facebook.com/iframehost/ and click on Install Page Tab option to choose Add Static iFrame Tab after you select the page you want to add the iframe app
b. You would have to Tab on the Authorize the Tab application and then select Allow
c. On your selected URL, go ahead and enter the mobile URL as per your Pinterest account. The tip here is to add ‘m.‘ in front of ‘pinterest’ and delete ‘www‘ else it won’t proceed
d. Now you will be able to change the identification (name)of your tab. Modify this as per your choice and change the name in the Tab Name option
e. Choose the save button and then scroll to the top to choose view tab
f. Modify your app picture
Pinterest and default settings
Now you could make the Pinterest tab as the default landing page and you can also customize this on the app page of Facebook to give it a more professional feel. If you want to know more about Pin Tab, you can opt to visit its blog page to learn about more tips and tricks of using Pinterest. You can also gain knowledge on latest updates and features of Pinterest.
With Pinterest gaining momentum and becoming famous to show off images, everyone wants to post on Facebook. With Facebook acquiring Instagram, they have made photos an integral part of social community. Pinterest can soon become a leader in image sharing and if you are a facebook lover, you should try this out. Sharing of pictures has become a part and parcel of lives. We post pictures even before the event is over or even before we reach our homes. Fans of Pinterest can pin any picture from any website using this technology. World is shrinking with each day via such virtual ways of life like Pinterest. So Pin and get connected and share your pictures with anyone you want. This could be your way of enjoying social media.

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