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Just How giant is Apple Inc. ?

Apple Inc. - This is the company who invented these products : iMac Computer for the desktop users ,MacBook the ultra thin laptops ,iPad tablet computer , iPod a portable Digital Music player, i store where you can buy digital stuffs online,iTV apple TV , and One of The Best Phone ever made
in this world APPle "iPhone" The Dream phone for ever geeks wants to buy ! well apple 4s is having many interesting features but honestly i'm a big fan of SIRI application.You can know more about it from my Previous Article .So all credits for these inventions goes to Steve Jobs(an American businessman, designer and inventor).

So, These kind of Products are enough for a company to drive major share space in the international market.That's why Apple inc is listed in One of the largest Electronics company.so today i'm going to share Graphical Information about How Giant Apple Inc is !
here you can see that apple is earning money in every second !

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