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Google Fiber : Google's ultra-high [1 Gbps] speed Internet Broadband Service Now Available.

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Today i'm going to share some information about one of the fastest broadband service .
             Google the heart of internet users.well we all know about whats is Google .in this modern world we are using Google word instead of “search” thats how useful google is. Google search is just an example of the popular service called Google search .Google.com is Internet's most visited website.

Every year google is releasing new cool services like google plus . So in this year google has come up with ultra-high internet broadband speed service.

          Google Fiber is an internet broadband service provided by google incorporated company.
In network fiber optic cable can contain up to a 1000 fibers in a single cable, with potential bandwidth in the terabytes( 1024GB ! ) per second so Fiber optic cables are used to transfer high quality and accuracy of data packets over the network.Fast is better then slow.Google Fiber is hundred times faster than today’s average broadband speed. No more buffering. No more loading. No more waiting.google Fiber is going to make your internet world more faster, super faster !

         Google Fiber was started on experimetal broadband internet network but now its awailable for consumers .After Buliding a infrastructre of this giant nework Google Fiber Project team recently announced about its plans and pricing .according to google its awailable for Kansas City of Kansas state america.but why kansas city ? Because its having business-friendly infrastructure state for google . just check out your capacity of modem well it must be just 100MBPS and of course most of us are having less then 100mbps speed .well 2 or 10mbps speed is enough for us we can download movies , videos , games , so just immagine what you will do if you have 1GBPS of speed ! You can able to download the whole server ! Your keyboard will vibrate so before you use it Wear Your Seat belt and drive your computer over the fastest internet. (lol) well its too much more. There are three internet packs Click here

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