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Ways You Can Block Computer Hacks

Computers being hacked are a continual worry and huge headache for computer owners and network administrators.  Companies and businesses all over the world, including many of the government agencies, are spending a lot of money to hire security experts to help resolve these
problems.  There are things you can do yourself to help keep your computer equipment free from hackers.  Keep these tips in mind when thinking about computer security before it’s too late.

Anti-Virus Software – A current version of antivirus protection software should always be loaded on your computer.  With a good antivirus program, anytime a hacker tries to get into your computer, you will receive a warning from the antivirus program that tells you what steps to take to avoid the invasion.

Firewall – Keeping a good firewall active and on will always prevent hackers from getting into your computer without authorization.

Programs – When you are using your computer, always check to see what programs are running regularly.  If you see some programs that you didn’t install or are not a part of your normal operating system, check it out. It could be a spam or some type of virus trying to get into the computer system.

Operating System – To keep hackers and viruses from hitting your computer, always keep the operating system as up to date as you can so the machine is always updated on the latest security updates. If you don’t keep it up to date with security, it’s like an open door for hackers to come in and do whatever they want to take over your computer.

Patches – When you receive patches for updates to install, do it! Ignoring those will allow a hacker to make their way to your computer and do what they want.  If you update and install the security patches and fixes, your computer will always be safe from hackers coming in.  These patches are designed for those who had found a way through a system and this is a fix for it.

These are some good ways to keep your computer out of the hands of hackers.  Believe it or not, companies and businesses today hire ethical hackers that have a great knowledge of securing networks, hacking and cracking abilities so they can counter the pain of the true criminal hackers.  Using the tips above will just add to the security of your computer being attacked.

Hackers are in generally categorized into three different groups.  You have the black hat hacker, the grey hat hacker and the white hat hacker.

The black hat hackers are criminal hackers that constantly break into networks and computers and create huge viruses.

The grey hat hackers are knowledgeable hackers but they are a mix between the black and white hat hackers. They hack more for a challenge and for fun but can really do some damage.

The white hat hackers are the ones that are called “ethical hackers” and are hired by companies to protect computers and provide security to companies IT systems.  They work to help the companies stay free of the truly malicious hackers.

Many people are choosing an IT career in ethical hacking They are much needed jobs and well paying jobs at that.  They will always be there providing support to computer companies and individuals to keep their computers safe from destruction.

Guest Article by Bernard Black writes about computer safety and security at www.backgroundcheck.org.

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