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Get the New Email Compose Experience in Your Gmail

               Google has done it again. Gmail, the Email service of Google has released a new compose window that works like a chat window. Google on 30th October announced the release of the Rapid Release Track service, which is being billed as a new way to compose and reply to the message.

An innovation from Google, the new compose template has attracted the attention of Email users. Read on to know better and prepare for the change.
How does it work?
Wish to try this new service. The Google apps domain needs to be on the Rapid Release track. You can use a free Gmail account instead.
1.) To activate this service click on the compose button and scroll to the link next to the Labels button. Click on the links next to the label button too.
--> This will make the browser window reload. As the browser window reloads, you will get an overview of the locations at which distinct tools in compose section are placed. You will need to click on “Got It”.
3.) You will now notice that the window thoroughly designed. It is almost similar to a chat window that has various innovative features as minimize and maximize etc. You may miss the old toolbar for its ease of operation, but it is more of because one has got used to the old design. However, you will notice that the new compose window retains some features of the old compose window too.
4.) Message sharing fields (recipient column) has also undergone a change too. Keyboard shortcuts have been added to these fields. This essentially means that when you type a recepient’s name or email address, the person’s profile information, and option for contacting the person become visible.
Once the contact is selected, the same can be dragged and dropped between these three fields.
Formatting redefined
1.) Formatting option has also been modified and the same is now available at the bottom of the compose window. When you click the same, the formatting toolbar expands. You will find the file attachment tool, link insertion and image insertion tool alongside too. Additional tools as emoticons and invitation insertion are also in the pipeline and will figure soon in the new compose window template.
Some other insertions
2.) You will find some other additional tools on the bottom right side too. These are additional tools for discarding draft, printing draft and a spell check too.
After you have familiarized yourself with the new interface, it is time to begin typing a message. You will be surprised to find a auto save option in the new compose interface.
In case there is a pause of more than two seconds in typing a draft, the typed material gets auto saved In the old mode of the compose window, the message needed to be saved manually.
Google has planned to come up with a detailed guide for the existing and new users to raise their awareness level and make it comfortable for them to switch over to the new template.
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