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[Part 2] Runing Android 4.2 ,Jelly Bean from your USB Pen Drive ! [Tutorial with Screenshots] #Android #jellybean

This is Part 2, Missed First Part ? Don't worry Click here

As you can see above after installing android on your usb pen drive go to you BIOS SETUP and configure Boot Priority  Choose your Pen Drive as First Boot Priority after that save and exit. your pc will start and load file from your USB Pen drive not from your hard disk ! it will look like this :

Select "Live CD - Run Android-x86 without installation" and
Hit Enter Key  . After few seconds it will look like this :
Welcome screen will popup where you can able to select your language.Default its' English (US) click start
select Wifi if you wish otherwise just skip it
--> if you wanted to setup Gmail account click yes otherwise no
another Google account :/ click "Not now" or "Get an account" whatever you want
Un check both if you wanted stop tracking your location
set Date and time
android will detect your Device as Tablet enter your Name
if you agree then Click Next > 
Cheers ! Setup is Completed . Click Finish
Home screen of Android looks cool !
slide up to down adjust Brightness,Turn on/off wifi,Bluetooth, check battery etc..
Here are Default Apps from Android 4.2 Jelly Bean os
journey of Android 4.2 Ends here ! Try it.

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