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Transforming toys that turn from skyscrapers into robots

This phrase is relevant to several things, but two of these are worth mentioning. Firstly it talks about a game called – ‘Transforming toy robots’, which was a concept popular during the 1980’s. Some of its main feature simply included several objects from the day to day life, animal or machine, which play their part in transforming anything including the buildings into robot. The company behind this idea was called as Toyline, which improvised this idea to embark with this popular game. Secondly this phrase was somewhere heard in the movie in 1988 called Big, wherein the same transformer toy was discussed by the actor called Tom Hanks in which he played the character of Josh. It was a fun movie for most of the kids at that time and it seems the same if you watch it again. Well, let’s dig deep into this phrase of transforming toys that turn from skyscrapers into robots in the following paragraphs and come out something tangible out of it.

Transforming robot toy
As said above, this was a famous game concept, which was adopted by a company Toyline to develop a game. In this game called transforming robot, the robot could transform into any kind of object.
--> These toy robots were able to morph, which helped in resembling everyday machines, objects, or machines and vice versa. Toyline used this idea in different ways and under different heads. The first one was known as Transformers, which was given by Takara and Hasbro that happens to be a popular franchise carrying two different robot faction, which had a mutual fight. The robots were able to transform in several amounts of things including the airplane and insects.
The second robot was Gobots & Machine Robo, which was conceived by Tonka and Bandai that fall into the category of die cast toy robots. These robots could be transformed into cars, machines, building, planes and boats. The third category was Rock Lords, which was again carried out by Tonka and Bandai, which were seen getting transformed into rocks. The fourth category was Changeables or also called as McRobots, which was created by McDonalds, which helps in capitalizing over the boom of transforming robot. These helped in converting into a number of company products including hamburgers or French fries. The last one was Escaflowne Figures, which among the most popular concept game in Japan during the year of 2005 as it was known to change to dragon from a humanoid.
Transforming toys into skyscrapers in a movie
Another place wherein this phrase was seen was in the movie called Big, wherein the same toy was discussed by the character Josh played by the actor Tom Hanks, released in 1988. It was a fantasy comedy movie directed by Penny Marshall. Here, in this movie Josh after joining a Toy company was seen discussing about creating this transformer toy. In one of the meetings in his new toy company, Josh is being asked to create a transformer toy wherein a massive size skyscraper should get converted into robots. However, Josh disagrees about this idea as he is not able to find any fun element in it. He claims that kids playing with this game will fail to get the fun quotient from this toy, hence its futile building up such kind of idea. Later, Josh has his own brainstorming session, wherein he is able to give a new dimension to this transformer robot game. He simply replaces the sky scraper with an insect. This idea was then named as Insections, which turned around the initial idea of a skyscraper transforming into robots.
Is this toy idea still practical?
Though Josh was seen rejecting the idea of transforming scrapper into a toy, but the fact is this concept wasn’t that bad. Experimenting on the idea of converting the skyscraper into robot and vice versa could be still called as a worthy idea to bank with. It may not be a cool idea unlike the Constructicons coming up together to shape up like a Devastator; however, it is still be called as a big and nice toy, which carries red flashy eyes that carried a surprised look and feel over its face. The kids would have loved the giant size skyscraper carrying the flashy eyes glowing in red color. This could have given a really nice smile over the faces of the kids; hence aborting this idea could be called as a big mistake. Though this seems to be a discussion about the movie, but the same fact happened in the early 80’s, when this idea was floated about this particular toy.
Final word
It could seem a simple phrase to you, but unlike you have stories for different phrases, this one too carries a few. The above two stories fits the best to the phrase transforming toys that turn from skyscrapers into robots. Perhaps how about making this fictional movie toy into a reality? Well, it’s time to give a thought to this idea.
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