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#Email writing rules usually taken for granted

                      Composing and reading out emails could be called as one of the most usual activity found in day to day life of any professional or business owner. In fact, it is very much impossible to see the web users seeing without this activity especially when they are at their workplace. Apart from checking and reading out the emails at workplace, you also have your personal emails to check, which comes from your friends or family via different social networking sites. Besides, you have a number of things that come over your inbox including your utility bill, credit card bill, your bank statement and different customer services emails. Despite being so grossly involved in checking and sending out emails, a number of users still fail to follow the rules of writing good emails. In fact, many people simply overlook these rules of writing emails. Now, let’s check out some of the email writing rules, which people usually tend to take for granted in the following paragraphs.

Using the appropriate words

Just you see this rule being relevant to business letters the same way it is very much applicable to use proper and right words in your emails especially when you are writing for your business. Make sure you avoid using the jargons that your recipients may simply fail to know. At the same time, you need to be very much clear and concise in your email writing as people today are simply busy. You should be able to use proper and relevant words instead of going with a sermon kind of language. In other words, you need to be professional, which will help you in shaping the right picture before your recipients.

Follow the five Cs of writing

There are five Cs, which you need to remember while composing any email message. These include clear, concise, complete, correct and courteous. Hence while writing your emails, make sure your message doesn’t contain any confusing information, which means the first C- clear. Secondly your email messages should be complete but at the same shouldn’t be too short or too long, which means concise along with having a respectful and polite kind of language. Lastly it has to be readers oriented that means courteous along with being free from all kind of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and wrong punctuations.

Using proper type set

When it comes to email writing a number of people simply end up using inappropriate type sets. Remember you are a professional and you are writing for your business to any business executive or an entrepreneur. So avoid using the fonts that are too informal or big like gothic, comic sans or handwriting. Instead you are supposed to use formal and professional fonts like Tahoma, Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana. These fonts simply would give a professional look and feel in your email message. Also, avoid using improper font colors including yellow, pink or green inside your email content. The only exception for this you have when you are seen using your business logo or your signature at the end, which could have certain colors in it.

Right capitalization and punctuation usage

Avoid writing your email in all capital letters since this simply conveys people that you are yelling at the addressed person. If you are interested in emphasizing over any word consider making it in italics or in bold rather using the capital letters. At the same time, you should be avoiding everything in lower case letters since it will give an impression that you consider the recipient as uneducated person. The capital letters has to be used as per the grammatical rules like every opening alphabet would be in capital along with the proper names and titles. At the same time putting different punctuation marks over different junctures too play a key role in writing effective emails. Use them accordingly so that you could convey the right message across the recipients. Lastly avoid using double quotes or double exclamation marks as these things too can give a wrong impression before the person whom you are writing the email.

Put a proper subject line

Many people tend to overlook when it comes to filling some tangible line over the subject line. By putting proper subject lines you could end up helping the recipients to mark your email message as urgent or important. At the same time do not just add any weird thing over the subject line just for the heck of writing anything there. Make sure you write a brief line about the content of your email, which can help the people to make out what’s there in your email message.

Proofreading your email before you click over the send button

This is among the important rules, which people simply ignore; however, it takes just few minutes to do so. It helps in rectifying the errors found in the form or spelling errors, grammatical mistakes and other things. Also, by doing so, you add few things, which you have missed out while writing the email. A few minute devoted on proofreading your email can really help you a lot in sending out the best email message.

Final word

If you do not overlook these general rules of writing email messages, you would always end up showcasing a professional image of your business and you in person. These rules hardly take much time to follow, so don’t forget abiding by these rules instead of taking them for granted.
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