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How to Compress files to save Your Time & Internet #Data ! #pdf

Hello People !

Today I’m going to share a cool light weight software for professionals. so if you have to deal with standard digital document files like PDF then this software is probably made for you.

People in any field hates when PDF files are large and they have to upload them online the only software witch can help you to save time is File Compressor. So here is a screen shot of PDF file Compressor.it's showing that how it looks when it's under process :

it can improve file quality. the more higher quality you choose the more file will become larger . it compresses files in 72dpi images,150 dpi ,300dpi etc.. it works on every Microsoft windows Based Operating Systems.
it will take few seconds to compress your file. it is simple and FREE :) so what are you waiting for download it like a MAN from HERE

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