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Check your heart pulses with your Andro camera !

hello guys,
today i am gonna write an article on this subject:
"Check your heart pulses with your Andro camera !"

Checking your heart rate using your mobile what? is it a joke ?
no it's true.

do you know why Google play is so popular ? because of there are thousands of creative developers.Developers are capable of creating unbelievable stuffs so today i am gonna share a new kind of android application which can really check your heart beat .

so according to developers if you place your finger in front of camera lance it starts measuring skin color activity and movement within a minute it starts to showing the result. according to these people color changes on fingertip is directly connected to the pulse .so tracking this color changes it is able to identify the rate of heart !

Here are some screen shots of this app:

 so before giving your heart to someone just check it ! :)

if its unusual then go to the doctor after all he/she have the original heart pulse  related knowledge.

download it from this link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=si.modula.android.instantheartrate

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