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Smartphone Security: 5 Steps to make your cell phone hack-free

Before I start first you have to remember the last time you left your home without your cellphone. Hardy anytime, right??? Well that’s because smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. More so it’s almost impossible to get a sound sleep without your device sleeping next to you. According to a recent research every one in 5 people today owns a smartphone. No wonder one day their count would cross even human population. But what if I tell you that smartphones are not that smart? Yes, you heard me right; they are the most vulnerable of all gadgets to the attack of hackers if not used smartly.
Just give a single thought at the precious and personal data that your carry in your pocket which can all go down the drain with a wrong click of yours. It’s scary, right? So what to do about it? Well, I’ll tell you 5 simple steps that could prevent you from falling prey in the hands of hackers and make your smartphone “smart” in the real sense. Remember it’s not the device but the user’s smartness that counts while using smartphones. So read along:

Behave a bit protectively

No I am not asking you get paranoid, but it’s important not to take your smartphone’s security for granted. The world is full of jealous and revengeful people who would not leave a single chance to get back on you. So be more vigilant. Set passwords on confidential and personal folders in your phone and please don’t commit the stupid mistake of sharing it with anyone. And I mean here anyone, after all there is so much else you could share with your closed ones. Try to avoid using your passwords in public and most importantly try not to stuff your phone with private data. Keep it safe and sound somewhere else. And yes, always and always have a backup for your data. You never know when it’s your bad day.

Voice-mail Security
Never ever use your voice mail without password protection. Predators always have an eye to for such personal data. If your phone came with a default setting for this then change it immediately to a password that only you know. I would also to advise you here about Bluetooth security. It’s imperative to keep the discoverable mode disabled to keep your device hack-free.

 Spend a bit more time in choosing your password
Nobody wants you to be Einstein to work out some algorithms to come up with a super difficult password. But yes you can make it a bit harder to guess for hackers.  If you have been using some obvious details like birthdays or anniversaries then please stop right now. It would be a-no-marks-for-guessing thing for a hacker. I have also seen people using apparent passwords like 1-2-3-4-5 which are a blunder again. Also it’s a big no-no to your mother’s or pet’s name. My advice would be to think of something more complex, like a line of different letters (both upper and lower case). You can use symbols in between too. But yes, don’t make it too intricate for you to keep in mind.

Don’t be repetitive
Use different passwords for different accounts and this diminishes the chances of all your data hacked at once. I know it could be a bit confusing to manage several passwords at a time. But seeing the high risk of hacking these days, don’t you think this much trouble is worth it?

Keep updating your passwords
Make this a habit and update your password as often as you can. Well, now how often is something that only you can decide. All I can advise is to make a schedule for this like monthly or quarterly. You can also make a note of this and stick it where it’s easy for you to locate. Last but not the least, although you can note down your passwords and keep it somewhere safe, but do not maintain a list of it and carry it with you in your handbag and wallet. Just scribble it down on a paper and mark it with something general like school or dance class. This will ensure safety in case you get robbed, hoping that you never.

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