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How to make your website less susceptible to Changes in Search Engine Algorithm

What sense does it make to write something that no one would read about? It makes absolutely no sense to do so. So everyone who has a website would really like it if it their sites would rank first on Google! But we all know that the top spot is something all other website owners desire. Is there anything that you could do so that you continually improve on your ranking each time there is a shakeup at Google search rankings? 

There are a few things you could do. Some may be a bit obvious and you will wonder why you have never thought about it.

Some of the reasons why some websites are continually dropping while others are rising or even sticking at the top rank is about their content. Believe it or not, Google does take note of the habits of the website visitors of each site. They can tell the amount of time each visitor spends on the site. Does he just take a quick glance, leave and then go back to the search results to pick out another site? The search engine is Google’s business and they need to take care of their customers. If any site doesn’t satisfy the needs of Google users, then Google has little need for it hence the drop in ranking. The only way to beat this is to get content that will ensure that all site visitors stay on and come back again for more information.

Getting good content goes hand in hand with better writing. Anyone familiar with SEO writing knows that words count. Many writers make the mistake of thinking that if they use the word that is most widely used in the specific field that they are writing for, they will automatically rank higher. They sacrifice word relevance for the amount of traffic that the word would generate. Google does take note of such thinly veiled attempts to increase traffic by insisting on using words that are not related to the content and the website gets penalised by a drop in rankings.

Increase the amount of traffic that your site gets by using social media. Post links to your website on there and just market yourself. If you want to increase the chances of someone stumbling onto your site, try and add more avenues in which you get your name out there. Don’t depend too much on search engine results. But, as you link on to Facebook and Twitter, remember that Google still has your eye on you. The most important thing is to maintain relevance in all that you do. 

Let us say that I have a website. In some posts that I write, I add a link to your website, leading my readers to your site. In times past, this could be seen as me telling the world that you have a great website that needs to be paid attention to. This is one way that sites can increase their Google ranking. So the more the links your website gets from other sites, the greater your importance in the World Wide Web. Well, some people misuse this. They try to get the most number of links from whoever will give it to them. This ultimately leads to their downfall. Google considers each link individually and for every irrelevant link, you get penalised. From what we have considered so far, it is quite clear that applicability is paramount. 

That being said, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use a link to your website. In fact, if you get a link that carries some weight as regards what you write about, use it. It just may increase your ranking.
Using very specific words as a title to your website may seem as a good idea. By specific words I mean using the sequence of words that a user may input in the search engine box. An example is using the words bestlaptopdealsindelhi.com. Until the recent past, such tactics would work, but now, such a domain would not automatically rank higher even if the exact set of words are typed and searched. This is because now, it is content that matters. You could have the domain name but have no flesh on the bone which is your website. 

Assuming you believe that you have done all the above, as in, you have great content, good SEO writing done, good links and you have marketed yourself well but still it appears that you still haven’t risen in ranking. Let it not be a factor to discourage you. Remember that Rome was not built in a day and so won’t the high ranking that you desire.

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