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Update: #Mobikwik Android Mobile APP , Online #Recharge & payment service !

Update: Don't buy mobikwik they have started misguiding users with mobikwik supercash which is not real cashback. so from now we can't recommend mobikwik to our followers. 

Trend of Online Recharging and Payments has just Started in developing countries like India .
Online Recharging Is the best way of payment why ? because it's simple ,
it saves your fuel and time too.you can recharge by seating at home ! now you don't have to frequently visit those irritating recharge guys at markets you don't need to beg in front of anyone use Mobikwik and feel like a Boss.

So now you are looking for The best Online Recharge payment service ? Then you should Try Mobikwik Services . It will Improve your life a lot. It's very User friendly , Attractive and available to almost all platforms of computing devices .it has a very cool Mobile Website :

 i am using Mobikwik service from last two months and you should use to too.
so what is Mobikwik Exactly ? well it's An Android/iOS/Windows Phone App and a Online Recharging/payment service too. Got Net banking service, Credit CARD OR DEBIT CARD(ATM Card) ?  well then you should use it .it supports these banks :

So Mobikwik Provides you a virtual Wallet or E-wallet , Where you can add your Money and user it to buy Online Goods and payment via SMS,Phone Call and Mobile App.
Try these fast ways to Recharge :Idea users Click here --> Idea Online Recharge and for other users click here :--> online recharge
Here are some features of Android App :

This app is Less then 1 MB so it's Fast and Never Hangs your Smart Phone. Add Money to the wallet and Smash the online shopping !
Services You can Enjoy : Prepaid, Postpaid, DTH, DATA CARD, Land line ,Electricity , GAS Bill, Life Insurance and Much more !
you can also avail special discount offers from these brands :

Personal Experience : while Recharging online my internet connection got disconnected and money deducted from my account so i raised the ticket and withing 2 hours i got my balance .so i am happy about there customer service .

It's super fast : you will get Recharger alert before transaction alert provided by your bank !

Freedom : With wallet you can buy cloths,gadgets,tools and stuffs with great deals while shopping online.

Friendly : It supports almost all banks and all major credit/debit cards and User Interface is quite Simple.

History : Yes Alexander , you can watch your Money spendings and Recharge and Mob. number History etc.

so why don't you use it ? start downloading and feel the new experience of the internet .
Download Android App Now Click here -- >  Android app

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