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Delicious ways to track down Ancient Mails in #Gmail

Are you Using your Google Mail account for long time  ?
want to recover your old Gmail memories ?
Many people find difficulties to access old emails,
special in basic HTML mode when you open Gmail in your browser

So today i am gonna share few methods which can help you to track down your Emails.
It's like Waking up a ghost from graveyard.
There are two web interface for checking emails using your browser actually it's three including m.gmail.com  i use it when i want to reload mails faster.
This is how your mail box looks when you open your browser :

So as you can see on Top left area .. it says i am on 1st page and there are 809 pages all page includes 10 emails that means i have approximately 8 thousand emails ! excluding junk mails.
all emails are important because i always use a free service like  10minutemail.com when some websites asks me for my email address so in return they can have opportunity to spam.
Important : never ever signup Surveys that asks to install players or any kind of software . there are lots of fake surveys out there which comes with virus or other malicious stuffs .
Let's leave that topic. so as you can see above screenshot you can clearly see
if you click at "1-10 of 809" location new options will appear . click on Oldest and you will see Ghost mails ! I have modified Gmail link for you to directly access oldest emails .
It's simple just add p9999 or p8888 whatever you want .
so basically it will look for page number p "9999" but i have only page number "809" so it will load the last one. you can see it in below picture :

Well Done !
but what will you do when you have a slow internet connection or have crush for  basic Gmail HTML design ?
it's little-bit tricky but i found this way after few attempts :

load basic HTML View of Gmail . The URL will Appear like this :

now replace the code ?zy=g&f=1 with ?&st=800(any amount)

you have to start from 100 or maybe from 1000 !

It depends on amount of mails you got in your box.
just replace the 800 to 900 or something like that the match with your magical number .and finally you will see something like this : you Ancient Emails are here in Basic HTML View ! :

P.S.: Unfortunately. Currently there is no button or way to Access your oldest mail in Gmail .
i hope my work will help you . Everyday there are many people who surf it for the first time ! so i made this for those people and for those who are not aware of it .spread it !
Have a wonderful day !

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