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Create Your Own Virtual #Hotspot #WiFi Tower In Two Minutes ! #windows

Yes, You heard it correctly. You can too Create your Own WiFi App in two minutes . I am Writing this article because many app Developer gives a free GUI app and all the other Adware are targeted on your system. Which can make your system slower as well as your Internet !

Let's get started, Search for Notepad in Start Menu

I am using Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System In this Tutorial.
The Screenshot Denotes to Well Known Handy App Called Notepad. Now Just Right Click on That App And you will See Below Output :
Run as Administrator ,
It will ask For your Permission.

Hover on Yes Button and Touch it. Now You will See a Blank Notepad with Administrative Rights !
Now Paste Below Code :

 netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=geekdave.in key=ComputerHacks

 netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Here comes an important phase
What Are We Actually Doing in Notepad ?
We are trying to create a Batch file program Which Looks Kinda Nerdy but Acts like a Pro !

So Save It as myhotspot.bat make sure select all files From Drop Down menu "Save as Type: All Files (*.*) "

Your Hotspot is Ready Now.
Just Switch on your wifi Adopter.
And Run myhotspot.bat as Administrator 

You will find a Temporarily Created Adapter 
called "Local Area Conenction* 14
After That title There should be a tag line called "geekdave.in"

Name consisting an SSID (Service Set Identifier) .

"SSID is a case sensitive, 32 alphanumeric character unique identifier attached to the header of packets sent over a wireless local-area network (WLAN) that acts as a password when a mobile device tries to connect to the basic service set (BSS) -- a component of the IEEE 802.11 WLAN architecture."

If things goes Well you will see the result on your Smart Phone
It can generate Wpa2 Psk Password Encryption .
 See my phone detects it.
If your Smartphone Connects to your hotspot but not sharing internet then do the follow steps :
If you get this message "No Network Access" Then
Simply click on the connection which provides you Internet access .
in this example i have A connection called "Dial up Connection"
A new windows will pop up click on Properties>Sharing Tab >
Tick "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection"
And select your wifi adapter : 

Home networking connection: Local Area Connection* 14 
Click OK and Exit now Restart your connection And your wifi will be ready to spread Internet world via Electronic Wave !
If you get an error then you must check your computer with malwarebytes , it's a free tool use it. if you have any question then click here

Bravo ! You did it ! 
Even Zooey Deschanel's future kids can do it. 
It's time to invite your friends Host a Wifi PARTY with your own Hotspot !

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